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Learn how to best teach a TEFL class with 20+ students. We designed a course to make your teaching experience a lot easier.



Module 1: The Classroom

  • The Benefits of Teaching Large Classes
  • The Challenges of Teaching Large Classes
  • Most Common Difficulties of Large Classes
  • Organising your Classroom
  • Using What You Have In Your Classroom
  • Helping students become involved
  • Module 1: Quiz

Module 2: The Students

  • Student Groups
  • Using Experienced Teachers as a Resource
  • Creating Autonomous Learners
  • Discipline in Large Classes
  • Planning for Good Behavior
  • Students names
  • Routines
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Creating a Learning Atmosphere
  • Humor in the Classroom
  • Activities in a Large Class
  • Module 2: Quiz

Module 3: The Teacher

  • Teaching Methodologies
  • An example of the presentation stage
  • Using Pictures
  • Skills Based Language Teaching
  • Learning Vocabulary through Reading
  • Understanding words in the Text
  • Teaching English through Film
  • A Typical Reading Lesson
  • Listening Activities
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Speaking tests
  • Writing Tests
  • Module 3: Final Test

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