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It will cover everything you need to become a specialists in preparing your students for the IELTS exam and testing in general



Module 1: The Classroom

  • Why is IELTS so effective in preparing students for an ESL exam
  • How to make sure if the objectives are specific to students when they are evaluated
  • Qualities of a good ESL teacher
  • Course pacing
  • Leading Students
  • Make exam preparation fun
  • The benefits of new technologies in reviewing an exam
  • Incorporate technology in the classroom
  • Video: Fun study tips for exams!
  • Module 1: Quiz

Module 2: The Students

  • Student complaints when exams are off topic
  • Appropriate learning materials for an ESL exam
  • Factors to Consider
  • Factors that may affect exam preparation
  • Basic facts to consider when choosing materials
  • Response time limits
  • Feedback
  • Module 2: Quiz

Module 3: The Teacher

  • Attitudes toward writing
  • Tips for writing
  • Types of writing tasks
  • Essay or composition
  • How to make a formal letter
  • Process approach to writing
  • Writing approach
  • Stages to achieve good essay writing process
  • Module 3: Quiz

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