As part of the Z-Visa application process for China, you will need to have your original TEFL certificate legalised by the Chinese consulate, once you successfully pass your TEFL course. TFA Academy can complete the legalisation process on your behalf, for a cost effective and hassle free solution.

All of the following steps are included in the TEFL Legalisation Embassy Service package.

  • Original TEFL Certificate Printed
  • Notarisation – TEFL Certificate is taken to a registered notary in the UK
  • Authentication – TEFL Certificate is taken to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK
  • Legalisation – TEFL Certificate is taken to the Chinese Consulate in the UK for legalisation
  • Registered Courier – delivery of legalised TEFL certificate to your school HR staff in China



TEFL Legalisation Embassy Service

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